Game Development

Professional and Personal Projects


Unity, C#, Substance Painter  2020-2021

This project was part of an interactive exhibition first hosted at the Kelowna Heritage Museum, developed by Dr. Aleksandra Dulic. I worked with a team to create a touch-screen based interactive recreation of Kelowna pre-colonization, and the waterways and biodiversity that existed before the city.


In particular I was responsible for the UI and interactive elements. Upon tapping on the plants and animals in the environment you can learn their role in the ecosystem, as well as their Nsyilxcən word and pronunciation.


Working on this project was a wonderful chance to learn more about the biodiversity and beauty of the Okanagan Nation land I was so fortunate to live on during my time at UBCO.


Photoshop, After Effects, Unity, C#, 2D Assets

“Icarus” is a project seeking to immerse the participants in an alternate reality version of Crete, Greece, within a science fiction dystopia where VR headsets are more common than houseplants, gods walk amongst the mortals, and everyone is very, very queer.


Completed for my Bachelor in Media Studies Capstone project, Icarus was intended to bring queer characters from ancient Grecian mythology to the forefront, reminding players that queerness is not a new concept of the modern age, but an always-existing group that history has just attempted to blot out. I invite the player to follow along with the interactive, non-linear storyline of Icarus to get to the bottom of the mysteries of the Island of Crete, where they will discover a colourful cast of queer characters that are stuck in a world devoid of the nature that unconsciously sustains us all.


After Life

Unity, C#, Photoshop, After Effects

A short storytelling experience imagining the aftermath of the death of a loved one through the eyes of the deceased. Wander the hospital room and find clues about who you were, why you've ended up here, and how you might help your sister grieve her loss.


This piece was created to explore how video games can produce emotion in its users, through a relatively simple location, sound, and atmospheric effects.

Remembering Us

Twine, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Photoshop

A point-and-click non-linear adventure game following the story of Ava, who wakes up one day with no recollection of where she is, or where her partner Amil has gone. Explore a series of worlds that are slowly falling apart in search of your love.


This Twine-based story was designed to be a fully functioning point-and-click game that can live right inside your internet browser. I wanted to see if Twine's format, and ease-of-use for visualizing a storyboard, was something I could build a graphical element on top of. 


The Grand Goulding Hotel

Twine, HTML, CSS, Simple 2D Assets

A minimalist text-based murder mystery where you can never get the whole story in a single playthrough. Four seperate points of view span across an eighteen hour period. You can only view one character's point of view in any given hour. Following these characters lives for a day, can you piece together the guilty party and make an arrest?


This game was my first time using twine, and I wanted to explore the relationship between perception, fact, and truth in a simple narrative form.