Animation & Video

Personal Projects

Plugged In

Coded in P5JS

This interactive video was coded in P5JS, and allowed the user to look around while descending in a technological world on a fixed path. It's a music-driven 3D explorative work centered around themes of technology, addiction and isolation.


This work was recorded and exhibited at "Light Up Kelowna" on a 3 panel urban screen.


Set to "Humans Are Such Easy Prey" by The Perturbator.


Living Spaces

Cinematography, Editing (Premiere Pro), Sound Design

This documentary explores an abandoned motel in Lake Country, BC, with a seedy and storied past. It pairs the haunting visuals with soundscapes capturing what is now missing from these decrepit buildings; the people that once inhabited them.


Narration centered on two young women’s experiences of home, memory, and ephemerality, guides the viewer on a collage-like journey, while documenting the return-to-nature of these man-made constructs. Clues scattered throughout these places give hints as to what stories the buildings have to tell.


The places we inhabit may also one day be relegated to obsolescence, but more important than the things we collect or the spaces we call home are the people we cherish along the way. They are home.

Oh Sh*t

Photoshop, After Effects

This project was an exploration of procrastination and artists' block. It's a scrapbook-style short animation following a young woman's struggle to complete an important project the night before it's due.


A story all too familiar for most university students!

Down Home

Edited in Premiere Pro

A documentary-style short-film investigating the similarities and differences between the stories of two Newfoundlanders who moved to Ontario in the 80s, a time when many were leaving Newfoundland for economic opportunities that just didn't exist anymore back at home.

Attempting to create this documentary during the initial waves of the pandemic was hugely challenging. Adjusting to the curveball thrown, interviews were conducted remotely, and video content was generously provided for the project by pthteam and Seth K. Hughes.